We want to make sure the pups get plenty of play time before they are potentially bunkered down the next few days! We promise to keep you updated on our plans with the overall operations and safety precautions will will be taking for Lucky Dog over the next few days.

Please see below for our plans regarding daycare and boarding:

Our first priority will be the dogs that are boarding with us. We are hoping to operate as normal with the bar and daycare, but in the event of extreme circumstances the bar will be closed and we will not be accepting daycare so we can focus our full efforts on our boarders. We will post any changes/updates on social media and we will also send out emails.

We are equipped with a generator, gas, lighting, fans and plenty of water for the dogs. We are situated well above the flood plane and our lot and building are elevated as well, so we are at an extremely low risk for flooding. We currently have an employee here overnight for maintenance/cleaning and security purposes. We are fully staffed for the week/weekend and have additional staff that will come in overnight if necessary.

Please understand that if we do lose power our generator is not equipped to power our entire facility. In order to place the dogs’ safety and well-being first, we will use all resources to directly benefit them and therefore we may have limited access to phones and email. We understand how important your dogs are to you and that these may not be ideal circumstances for boarding. We encourage you to make your decision based on your comfort level and what is best for both you and your dog.

Please continue to look for emails and social media posts from us, in the event that anything changes. 

Please stay safe!! 

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