18 Nov Lucky Dog Bark & Brew Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up and that means loads of turkey legs and desserts. While these are human comforts foods they can be very hazardous to your furry family. Turkey is a staple of Thanksgiving meals however, cooked turkey bones can splinter off and cause internal damage to your dog. Some alternatives to cooked bones are antlers and sweet potato chews. It is okay to give your dog raw meat bones some examples are recreational bones. These bones are big beef femurs or hip bones that are filled with marrow.
If you do give your dog a raw bone be sure and supervise them if they are persistent and aggressive chewers be aware if they manage to break a piece of bone off. Also, the marrow found in raw bones contains a lot of calories and can cause stomach issues to dogs to sensitive stomachs.
Below is a great link that provides five healthy recipes for Thanksgiving treats for your dog. Have a great Thanksgiving and stay safe!

5 Easy Dog Treat Recipes for Thanksgiving

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