15 Dec To buckle or not to buckle

While it might be common sense to put your seatbelt on but do you stop and think about putting a seat belt on your dog?

In the event of a car crash having a loose dog in the car can be fatal for the dog. The top two ways to keep your dog safe in the car is a heavy duty crate and a harness. Most dogs and people don’t die from the initial impact of the car crash, they die from the third impact. The first impact is where they are hit, the second impact is where dog/person hits their surroundings, and the third impact is where the organs hit the body which can prove fatal.

The best crates for car travel are ones that can rachet or bolt into the frame of the car. As far as harness go you want one that will not choke the dog or cause it any internal harm. There has been intensive testing into safe and reliable harnesses. Below are some links that will show you some of the best harnesses and crates available for car travel! Safe travels for this holiday!




Best Dog Crates & Carriers For Car Travel: Staying Safe & Secure



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