What to Consider Before Taking Your Dog to a Dog Bar

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Blog & News

As pet parents, we tend to want to bring our four-legged family members with us everywhere. One of those places is the ever-popular dog bar—the perfect destination for dog-lovers from every walk of life. But how can you make sure you and your dog have a fun and safe outing at your local dog bar? Keep reading for a list of things to take into consideration before bringing your dog along on your next outing.

Lucky Dog’s Top Tips

1. Research the dog bar before your trip.
Always make sure to do your research before taking your dog to an establishment—dog bar or not. You want to be doubly sure that the place is dog friendly and read any policies and requirements they might have furry guests. Respect the rules, and you’re sure to have a good time!

2. Exercise your dog beforehand.
Take your dog for a long walk or play a game of fetch before heading to the dog bar. As a general rule, a tired dog is a well-behaved dog.

3. Take your dog for frequent bathroom breaks.
This is a no-brainer for most dog owners, but even potty-trained dogs can have accidents if they’re in a new environment. To limit the chance of accidents, take your dog outside for frequent bathroom breaks—and be sure to clean up after them.

4. Feed your dog before heading to the dog bar.
Feeding your dog beforehand means they’ll be less hungry and less likely to beg for food while you’re visiting the dog bar. They’ll also be more comfortable—after all, who likes watching other people eat when they’re hungry?

5. Bring a water dish if you aren’t sure about communal water bowls.
Sometimes, water bowls won’t be readily available, so having a collapsible one on hand is always a good idea. Your dog should always have access to cool, clean water—especially if you’re sitting outdoors on a summer night.

6. Consider bringing something for your dog to relax on.
Dogs love to lounge, but concrete isn’t always the most comfortable. For that reason, you might want to consider bringing a towel or blanket for them to relax on. If it’s a familiar item, it can also help your dog to feel more relaxed.

7. Be certain your dog is good with other dogs.
If you’re bringing your dog to an establishment, chances are good that other dogs will be there, too—especially if you’re going to a dog bar. For that reason, be absolutely certain that your dog is dog-friendly and cool with interacting with unfamiliar dogs and people. If your dog likes to play rough or doesn’t like having other dogs in his space, it’s probably best to leave him at home.

8. Keep your dog on a leash.
Unless there’s a designated area for dogs to play off-leash, keep your dog on a leash at all times. The leash will stop them from wandering off, causing trouble, or getting into dangerous situations.

9. Consider going when the dog bar is less busy.
Large, bustling clouds can be stressful for anyone. So, even if your dog is good with lots of other dogs and people, consider going to the dog bar when it’s less busy.

10. Know when it’s time to leave.
As soon as your dog starts showing signs of stress or discomfort, call it a night and head home. You know your dog best, but watch for common signs, like whining, yawning, cowering, or shaking. As soon as they’re uncomfortable, remove them from the stressful situation and help them calm down. Doing so will help to ensure your dog doesn’t start to associate going out with you with being uncomfortable.

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