Why Regular Grooming is Essential for Your Dog’s Health

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Blog & News

8 Good Reasons to Give Your Pooch Consistent Cleanings

In this article, Lucky Dog Bark & Brew discusses some of the benefits associated with regular dog grooming, including:

Whether your dog is an adventurous rascal who always seems to find themselves covered in mud or a prim and proper couch princess who never makes a mess, regular grooming is essential for their health. Just like humans need to shower, brush our teeth, trim our nails, and get routine skin checkups, so do our precious pups.

Regular grooming doesn’t just keep your dog healthy — it also affords pet owners some surprising benefits as well. Read on to discover all the benefits you and your pooch stand to gain by keeping up with consistent cleanings!

Grooming Your Pup: The Human Benefits

#1 – Bonding & Socialization

In between the times you take your pet to be professionally groomed, it’s important to maintain their appearance with some DIY grooming. From the occasional teeth brushing to combing their fur, at-home grooming offers you and your dog a chance to bond. If your fur baby is a little hesitant to let you into their personal space, consider making the grooming experience more enjoyable by introducing some treats into the mix.

Professional grooming also provides the added benefit of socialization for your dog. By giving them the opportunity to interact with people outside of your household, you’re setting them up for success in other social situations as well.

#2 – Household Cleanliness

Your dog’s fur can trap a lot of dirt, debris, and dandruff, where it will lie hiding until they decide it’s time for a good shake. From there, all that loose hair and particulate will disperse throughout your home, leaving all sorts of hidden contaminants for you to sweep up later. Regular grooming helps eliminate loose fur, dandruff, and other materials leaving not only your pup cleaner, but your living space cleaner as well.

#3 – Reduced Allergies

While you might love snuggling with your dog, sometimes the end result can leave you sniffling and sneezing. That’s because pet dander can accumulate on your dog’s skin and in their fur if they haven’t been bathed in a long time. This doesn’t only have a negative effect on their skin health, but it can also have a devastating impact on allergy sufferers.

It’s important to stick to a regular grooming routine so you can avoid allergy attacks altogether. How frequently you groom your dog largely depends on its size. Smaller dogs less than 25 pounds should be bathed once monthly while larger dogs can get away with grooming sessions every other month. However, you should also take into consideration their fur type when determining their grooming schedule as well: Dogs with wiry or coarse fur don’t trap as many particles while softer, fluffier fur is more prone to matting and trapping debris.

Health Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

#1 – Skin

During your dog’s grooming session, your groomer will give them the full spa treatment, massaging shampoos and cleaners deep into their skin. This affords them the opportunity to feel for any lumps, scrapes, external parasites, injuries, and other abnormalities. By not sticking to a routine bathing schedule for your pup, you might not be able to detect the signs of a serious health problem until much later.

#2 – Fur

As we mentioned earlier, regular grooming removes excess hair, which allows for greater airflow to the skin as well as improved circulation for your pet. Especially if your dog has longer fur, it’s important to brush them in between professional grooming sessions. Allowing long, fluffy fur to mat can lead to sores and infection on their skin due to decreased airflow.

#3 – Ears

Groomers should also clean your dog’s ears in order to prevent against infection and other complications. In between grooming, be sure to check your pup’s ears routinely as part of your DIY grooming regimen. Stay on the lookout for any redness, inflammation, or foul odors as these can all indicate an infection inside the ear canal.

#4 – Nails

Trimming your dog’s nails at home can be a challenge — especially if they’re not particularly keen on you touching their paws. This is another great benefit for Fido to receive regular cleanings from a professional: Groomers are more experienced and better equipped to trim dog nails, even for those pups who aren’t fans of the process. Keeping their nails trimmed will make them more comfortable, easing their joints while they walk and decreasing the likelihood of them snagging or breaking on anything.

#5 – Teeth

It’s recommended that you brush your dog’s teeth at home at least once a week to help reduce the risk of gum disease. Some groomers also offer dog teeth cleaning services to help brighten teeth and freshen breath so you can enjoy all the odor-free smooches from your pooches that you can handle. Remember: Bad breath isn’t just smelly — it can indicate serious health problems with your pet. Make sure to speak with your vet if you notice persistent plaque buildup on teeth or foul odor coming from your dog’s mouth.

Keep Up with Consistent Cleanings at Lucky Dog!

At Lucky Dog Bark & Brew, we believe a clean dog isn’t just a happy dog — it’s a healthy dog, too! Regular baths and brushings can help you keep on top of important developments in your best friend’s health, from skin irritations and ear infections to fleas and ticks. If it’s been a while since your furry friend’s last spa day, don’t hesitate to contact our team to schedule a dog bath today.

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