Why Work at a Doggie Daycare Facility?

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Blog & News

If you’re a dog-lover looking for a challenging yet rewarding job, then working at a doggie daycare like Lucky Dog Bark & Brew might be the right decision for you. Not only do you get to work alongside your favorite furry friends, but you’ll also have the opportunity to grow into a fun leadership position

Read on to discover all the benefits that await you on the job at Lucky Dog!

What do Doggie Daycare Handlers Do?

Before we dive into all the benefits of working as a doggie daycare handler, it may help to understand what the job entails. As a dog handler at Lucky Dog, each member of our team is trained to handle multiple facets of proper pet care. These responsibilities include:

  • Playgroup Monitoring: Dog handlers will assist in supervising all dogs while they are in playgroup throughout the day to ensure all dogs remain happy and healthy.
  • Feeding/Mealtimes: For furry friends staying with us for meals, you’ll be responsible for ensuring they are fed and watered.
  • Cleaning: All dog handlers will be responsible for cleaning up after all dogs while under the care of Lucky Dog.
  • Bathing: If interested, you’ll have the opportunity to undergo training to understand how to bathe dogs properly so they enjoy the experience.
  • Giving all the Love! We encourage all of our dog handlers to love every dog we get the opportunity to care for.

Each of our doggie daycare workers must also be trained in how to provide each dog that stays under our care with a temperament test before boarding or daycare with us.

Read on to discover all the benefits that await you on the job at Lucky Dog!

Benefits of Working at a Dog Care Facility

While it’s not all tail-wagging all the time, the advantages of working at a dog care facility are tremendous. The following are just some of the major benefits you’ll enjoy when employed at Lucky Dog:

  • Endless Playtime: Yes, you’ll be responsible for cleaning up after pets and maintaining the facilities; however, you’ll also be paid to play with all the pets that are under our care. By the end of your shift, you’ll have plenty of new furry friends that will be there to greet you each day.
  • Growth Opportunity: Working at a dog daycare facility might be an entry-level position, but our handlers are offered plenty of opportunities for growth. As long as you come to work on-time, illustrate a positive attitude, and do the work that’s expected of you, there’s no reason why you can’t eventually grow into a management position.
  • Petcare Experience: The experience gained through employment at Lucky Dog isn’t just excellent for the pets we serve, but also gives you the experience necessary to become a better pet owner. Your furry friends at home will love all the tricks you learn to help make their lives that much more enjoyable.

Along with playtime, growth, and experience, Lucky Dog daycare workers also receive special benefits and discounts on services for being a part of our fur-loving family. What more reason do you need to submit your application?

Submit Your Application to Lucky Dog Today!

Great news — you don’t have to search job listings in Charlotte to find the best doggie daycare facility to work at: Lucky Dog is hiring dog handlers for our Charlotte area facilities right now! Experience the joys of working at a dog care facility first-hand by submitting your application to Lucky Dog today.