27 Nov Frosty is on his Way!!

Now that Thanksgiving has officially ended it is time to prepare for Christmas. Colder weather is starting to set in so here are some tips to keep your furry friends warm and safe in the winter.

Be careful about going on walks when there is snow, ice or even frost on the ground. It can get between your dog’s toes and cause irritation. Booties for dogs are always a good option if your dog decides they will wear them. Vaseline also helps protect your dog’s paws from the cold or sidewalk salt. Apply before the walk then gently wipe off afterward.

Never shave your dog during winter so that they are less susceptible to the cold! If you have a short hair dog a sweater would help keep them warmer and allow them to enjoy the cold weather.

Try to bring your dog in and out from the cold into a warm home as little as possible because it will cause dry and flaky skin.

Below are more tips on how to care for your dog in the winter! Stay safe from the cold and remember, if you don’t want to be outside because it’s too cold then your dog probably doesn’t want to be out there either!

15 Winter Care Tips For Your Dog



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