Dog Day Care: Why They’re Everywhere in Charlotte

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Blog & News | 0 comments

As a dog owner, you’ve probably noticed that doggy daycares in Charlotte are everywhere now. Some even seem to have popped up overnight! Don’t worry—you aren’t imagining things. Charlotte really does have an excess of doggy daycare options for you to choose from. That’s because dog ownership has seen a sharp rise.

Awesome, right?!

For some, so many doggy daycare options are a good thing. For the rest of us, it can be overwhelming. Which one is right for your dog? What services do you need? Will the costs add up?

Unfortunately, there’s no way around doing your research, but we can help you narrow it down and make an informed decision about whether doggy daycare is right for your dog and how to find a trustworthy facility.

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare (for Dogs and Humans!)

Doggy daycare isn’t just great for your dog—it can be good for you, too! While you’re at work or running errands, you won’t have to worry about your dog being home alone for extended periods of time. Here are some other awesome benefits of doggy daycare.

Your Dog Will Get Plenty of Exercise

Exercise is important for keeping your dog healthy. Getting in enough playtime and physical activity every day is a good way to keep them mentally stimulated, as well. Plus, when they get home, they’ll be tuckered out and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Your Dog Will Make Friends

Doggy daycare provides a great environment for social interaction. Playtime is supervised, so someone is always around to break up any scuffles over toys. If you’ve noticed your dog seems bored or lonely, this could be the solution you need.

It Can Alleviate Separation Anxiety

If your dog gets anxious when you’re not around, they might be a good candidate for doggy daycare. They’ll be in the company of other dogs, and daycare staff won’t hesitate to give them some extra love and attention if they’re feeling a little nervous about being away from you.

It Creates a Routine

Doggy daycare always follows a routine, which is great for dogs who need structure to feel safe and secure. Like humans, dogs tend to be less nervous when they know what to expect. That’s why scheduled playtime and rest periods tend to work so well.

You Both Get to Enjoy Peace of Mind

Leaving your dog behind while you go to work, travel, or run errands can be difficult, especially if your pup suffers from separation anxiety or has to spend several hours alone every day. Doggy daycare changes all of that. You can be confident that your dog is in a safe environment getting all the attention and playtime they could ever dream of, and your dog gets to have a blast playing with their pals—under supervision, of course.

Why Choosing the Right Doggy Daycare Is a Must

You’re leaving your dog in the care of someone else for the day, which can be scary. Before you choose a doggy daycare, make sure to visit the facility in person and ask questions. Look at the areas where dogs play and rest, and ask about supervision and what happens on days with bad weather. The doggy daycare staff should be able to answer all your questions and make you feel confident that your dog will be in good hands.

If you get a bad vibe or notice any unsafe or unsanitary conditions, it’s best to keep looking.

Always Trust Experience & Reputation

Make sure Lucky Dog Doggy Daycare is on your list of places to check out! We’ve been doing this for over 9 years with three locations and a sterling reputation in the Charlotte area.

We’re committed to providing the best care to our four-legged guests, and we’re always happy to provide updates if you’re wondering how your pup is doing while they’re with us.

Call today to learn more about our variety of services, and come see us in person! We can’t wait to meet you and your dog!