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10 Jan Importance of a mani/pedi for canines

It is very critical to keep your dog’s nails short and regularly trimmed. Most dogs, of course, do not like their feet to be touched, let alone being held still so that you can trim their nails. Also, a dog’s quick can be somewhat elusive sometimes but there are some tricks to tell you how close you are to the nail bed. There can be severe repercussions that will happen to your dog if they nails grow long and are unkept.

If you can hear your dog’s nail clicking on the floor as they walk y then they are too long. Each time the nail hits the floor it is causing the nail to drive deeper into the nail bed causing an increasing pressure on the toe joint. For human it is like us wearing too tight of shoes and our toenails are too long. Even if your dog is very active, it doesn’t mean that his/her nails will stay worn down.

You can take your dog to a groomer or you can clip/dremel your dog’s nails yourself. The first thing to do is make sure your dog is comfortable around the clippers or dremel. Most dogs do not like the noise of the dremel or the feeling of the vibrations against their nails. Start off slow, if your dog sniff at the dremel, give them a treat and if they let you touch their nails with a dremel also give them a treat. Continue this pattern until your dog is comfortable around the dremel.

Now when you start to use the dremel on their nail, always start out slow and check the bottom of the nail. If the nail is white it is easier to see the quick however, if your dog has black nails it is a little harder to find the quick.  With black nail, you will start to see a white circle and if you touch this circle it has almost a gooey feel.


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