Weekend Dog Boarding: Your Dog Is in Good Hands!

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Dog boarding isn’t just for that vacation you’ve been planning for months—it’s an option whenever you need it, for whatever reason. No matter what you’re doing, having a boarding facility you trust to keep your dog safe and happy while you’re away means you won’t have to worry while you and your dog are apart.

Dog Boarding Could Be the Solution You Need

Having a dog is one of the greatest things in the world. Who wouldn’t want a four-legged best friend to snuggle with on the couch or tag along on outdoor adventures? If our dogs could go with us anywhere, it’s probably safe to say that most of us would be on board. Unfortunately, not every location is dog friendly, and it doesn’t always make sense to bring Fido along for every trip away from home.

That’s where your trusted dog boarding or doggy daycare facility comes in! When your dog can’t go with you, you can leave them in the care of people you trust to keep him safe, happy, and healthy while you’re away.

While doggy daycare is an extremely popular option among dog-parents who work full-time, it often isn’t the only service their doggy daycare of choice provides! Many offer long-term boarding (for when you go on that vacation), as well as short-term or weekend boarding. These shorter stays are perfect for when you want to make sure your dog receives the care they need while you’re busy.

Many pup-parents use weekend boarding when they:

  • Need to run errands
  • Have a party to attend
  • Are going on a weekend getaway
  • Want to enjoy a night out
  • Have guests staying over (particularly if one is allergic to dogs)
  • Need to handle an emergency
  • Have to take an unexpected trip
  • Are going on a day trip
  • Aren’t sure if they’ll be home in time to care for their dog
  • Want to make sure their dog gets supervised care

Whatever the occasion, remembering that weekend boarding is an option can simplify your life and ensure you don’t have to worry about your dog.

Need to Arrange Weekend Boarding for Your Dog?

We offer weekend boarding for dog owners in the Charlotte area. We understand that leaving your beloved pet in the care of someone else can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s the first time or not something you do often. That’s why using a boarding facility you trust is absolutely essential.

We are happy to provide tours and consultations to prospective clients and their pets! In fact, we encourage owners to ask questions and conduct thorough research before selecting the boarding facility that’s right for their pup. We offer a variety of accommodations, so chances are that we can create a comfortable environment for your dog. We’re also happy to provide updates, administer medications, and feed food and treats supplied by you.

Interested in learning more about weekend boarding options available at Lucky Dog? Reach out to us today! If you’re a new client, we look forward to meeting you and your dog and showing you around our facility!