What Does Your Dog’s Schedule Look Like at Doggy Daycare?

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Blog & News, Daycare | 0 comments

Ever wonder what your dog is doing at doggy daycare right now? What exactly does your pup do all day while you’re gone? Is he having fun? Playing? Napping? Relaxing in a pool like you wish you were doing?

At Lucky Dog, we design our furry friends’ schedules around the rotation method. Over the years, we’ve found that this type of schedule offers the most benefits to our four-legged guests. Plus, it’s widely recognized as the most structured and healthy way to keep our dogs engaged! Keep reading to learn more about how it works.

What Is a Rotational Schedule?

A rotational schedule is exactly what it sounds like. Throughout the day, we continuously rotate our dogs through 90-minute schedule blocks. That means for every 90 minutes of play, your dog gets 90 minutes of rest to relax and recharge.

The rest periods give our staff a chance to make sure no one is getting overtired, dehydrated, or overstimulated and to check that everyone’s happy and healthy. The rest periods are also the perfect time to administer any medications your pup might need and to feed dogs who get meals during the day.

What Are the Benefits of This Type of Schedule?

We want our canine customers to be happy and have fun during the time they spend with us, and we’ve found that these 90-minute blocks of play and rest help to maximize their enjoyment of doggy daycare. Because dogs do best with structure and routine, this schedule teaches them exactly what to expect and promotes a less anxious mindset. The world is a lot less scary when everything is familiar!

A rotational schedule at doggy daycare can also provide:

  • Better socialization skills with both humans and canines
  • More exercise and playtime for greater mental stimulation
  • Vigilant supervision so you know your dog is always in good hands

In the end, your four-legged family member will likely experience less anxiety and won’t feel as bored, destructive, or lonely when they return home.

The Perks Just Keep Coming!

As we rotate our dogs through their designated play and rest times, they’ll have access to all sorts of creature comforts. That includes:

  • Air conditioning on warm and hot days to help prevent overheating
  • Heat when it’s chilly out so no one’s ears and toes get too cold
  • Outdoor water tubs to cool off and splash around in on summer days
  • Frequently cleaned and sanitized rest areas so everyone stays happy and healthy
  • Toys and equipment to encourage playing and exercise

And if you’re wondering what your dog is getting up to, make sure to check out our Facebook group! We post snapshots every day.

What Else You Need to Know

In addition to separating our dogs’ days into blocks of play and rest, we also separate our dogs into groups according to a variety of factors: their size, age, activity level, and temperament. Putting our dogs into these groups allows us to better supervise playtimes and make sure no one’s having trouble keeping up or not enjoying themselves.

Now that you know what your dog gets up to at doggy daycare, see if you notice any of the common improvements in your dog’s behavior at home!