What is a Dog Temperament Test?

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At Lucky Dog Bark & Brew, our team is dedicated to ensuring every dog that enters our facilities is well acclimated, socialized, and grouped accordingly.

We help make this happen by requiring that each dog staying for overnight boarding or dog daycare undergoes a temperament test.

What exactly is a temperament test, you ask? Below we will break down exactly what our temperament testing process is and why it’s so important for your dog’s experience at Lucky Dog!

Temperament Testing: What It Is & Why It Matters

Simply put, a temperament test is essentially a free day of daycare for your dog that gives our staff the opportunity to learn more about them.

During their dog daycare temperament test, our staff will slowly acclimate your dog into group play and take detailed notes of your four-legged pal throughout the day.

These notes are used to evaluate the personality and behaviors that your dog demonstrates so our staff is better able to care for them, understand their needs, and group them appropriately.

Temperament testing is an essential part of the Lucky Dog experience: First, it allows our team to understand the best ways to connect with the pets staying under our care. Second, it ensures that we are able to avoid triggering aggressive behaviors while staying at our facilities by getting to know how your dog interacts with other pets, people, and their surroundings.

Lucky Dog’s Temperament Testing FAQs

As a first-time Lucky Dog daycare-goer, you’ll likely have a lot of questions regarding the temperament testing process. We’ve got the answers you need to all your doggie-related questions and concerns!

How does Lucky Dog test my dog’s temperament?

During a Lucky Dog temperament test, you will leave your dog in our care so our team can get to know them on a personal level. We slowly acclimate them into group play based on their size and initial temperament. We then make careful observations and take notes of your dog’s interactions throughout the day.

Our goal is a detailed assessment of any personality traits or behaviors that may be cause for concern.

Do I need to schedule a reservation for temperament testing?

We ask that all guests reserve a temperament test in advance of their anticipated daycare stay. Temperament testing is offered Monday – Thursday, and all tests must be scheduled ahead of time. Dogs undergoing the temperament test will need to arrive at our facilities before noon.

How long does a temperament test last?

It takes time to get to know your pet on a personal level, which is why our temperament tests last for a minimum of four hours. This gives us the opportunity to witness your dog’s behavior in a number of different settings and situations so we can ensure our team is prepared to handle whatever comes our way when your furry friend boards with us.

When will I learn the results of my dog’s temperament test?

As soon as you pick up your dog, our team will provide you with a special Report Card with the results of your dog’s temperament test. We’ll tell you all about how they did while they were in our care, answering any questions or concerns you may have about the results of their test.

During this time, we’ll also go over all the incredible benefits that come with doggie daycare and boarding at Lucky Dog.

Can my dog fail a temperament test?

Unfortunately, yes. For the safety of other dogs and handlers in our facility, dogs that exhibit certain behaviors will not pass our temperament test screening.

What behaviors will result in a failing temperament test?

Any excessive aggressiveness towards a Lucky Dog staff member or another dog can result in a failing temperament test. Dogs will be given several opportunities to showcase good behavior throughout the temperament test.

What happens if my dog fails their temperament test?

If you dog fails the temperament test due to aggressiveness towards humans or Lucky Dog staff, that dog will not be permitted to access any lucky dog services (Bathing, Boarding, Daycare).

If your dog only fails due to aggressiveness towards other dogs, but still exhibits positive behavior towards humans, your dog will still be permitted to use Lucky Dogs dog bathing services.

Schedule Your Temperament Testing at Lucky Dog!

Ready to enroll your dog in doggie daycare or schedule their boarding? Bring your furry friend to Lucky Dog for temperament testing so they can get the personalized care they need while you’re away.

Schedule your temperament test by reaching out to the Lucky Dog team today! We only allow for 5 temp tests per day, so it will be a great idea to schedule well in advance.