Why Lucky Dog Is the Perfect Spot for a First Date

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Blog & News | 0 comments

Planning a first date in Charlotte is exciting! And also a little bit stressful. There’s pressure to make a good first impression, choose an appropriate location, and find an activity you’re both interested in that will allow you to get to know each other without too many awkward silences.

Not to mention, Charlotte has a ton of first date options!

Do you or your date have a dog? If the answer is yes, we have the solution!

Plan a great first date at Charlotte’s best dog bar, Lucky Dog Bark and Brew! Bring your dog along (if your date has a dog, too, it could be a great opportunity for them to meet), or just hang out at the bar and enjoy some food while people- and dog-watching. It’s a great way to keep the mood light and casual while you get to know each other.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Meeting

First dates can be nerve-wracking enough without sitting in a fancy restaurant or another formal setting. So, instead of reserving a spot at one of those locations, come to Lucky Dog! You’ll be able to enjoy a lighthearted conversation in a comfortable setting. The best part? If there’s a lull or if you start feeling nervous, look to your dog for help! If you’re lucky, you brought your best friend along. They can provide entertainment and divert attention whenever needed.

Trade stories with your date about how you got your dog or talk about the dogs you see around you. Either way, it’s much easier to enjoy a conversation when you’re in a relaxed environment.

See If Your Dog and Your Date Are Compatible

Your dog is your best bud. You’re a package deal, so it’s best to determine early on if your dog and your date are compatible. If your date also has a dog, allowing them to meet on neutral ground at Lucky Dog is a great way to introduce them and see if they get along. Even if your date doesn’t have a dog, you’ll have a chance to see how they interact with animals and if they’re comfortable with dogs—all without the pressure of inviting them to your home or apartment.

If your dog gives your date the seal of approval, it might be time to think about planning a second date!

Enjoy Spending More Time With Your Dog

Instead of worrying about leaving your dog at home alone or cutting a date short because you need to go home and let your dog out for a bathroom break, bring them along! You’ll be able to enjoy your night out without feeling guilty about leaving your wingman behind. Your pet will get to be around other dogs, meet new people, and socialize, so you can focus on enjoying your date!

Lucky Dog is the Best First Date Idea in Charlotte

For your next first date, bring your dog along! Lucky Dog is the perfect no-pressure location to make an awesome first impression. Even better, there will be plenty of dogs around to help alleviate any first-date jitters. It’s also the perfect opportunity to gauge how well your dog and your date get along, so you know if a second date is a good Idea.

We look forward to seeing you and your date at Lucky Dog Bark and Brew!